Thank You!

A huge thank you to all of you who helped with my campaign. We came in with a respectable 31% of the vote. Not bad for a first-time candidate running with a third party, not to mention having an incumbent opponent who outspent me more than 200 %. I hope that together we championed the cause of lean, responsible government and personal responsibility and freedom. I hope the campaign focus on criminal justice reform, ranked choice voting, cooperative ecological solutions, and reason-based decision making will have some impact on the way Whitefish citizens think about their relationship to government. Speaking of which, there are at least two focal points from my campaign that I will be working on during the next session. The first is anti-shackling legislation for incarcerated pregnant women. The second is public outreach about ranked choice voting. I invite anyone interested in being involved with either to contact me. First, Dave Fern, who will remain the Whitefish area …

Election Night Watch Party

Join Dyson and other Libertarian candidates in the Flathead to watch election results together. Tues., Nov. 6, 7-10 p.m. MacKenzie River Pizza 45 Treeline Rd. Kalispell

Reforming Montana’s Bail System

Montana has developed a two-tiered justice system, in which unconvicted poor people are being penalized and criminalized just because they can’t make bail. Meanwhile, taxpayers are paying to keep people locked up when studies indicate bail isn’t working to ensure people show up for their court dates. We can change this — save people and save millions of dollars so our overcrowded detention centers can focus on what works to create safer communities.   Listen to an NPR segment on reforming bail.

legal cannabis

Marijuana Is a Gateway Drug

Marijuana is a gateway drug. A gateway to spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to find, prosecute, and imprison Montanans. A gateway to losing tens of millions in revenue to neighboring states (and all of Canada). Moreover, we’re probably not preventing anyone from consuming the drug. A thriving black market ensures easy assess and that billions in revenue goes into the wrong pockets. In other words, we are spending a lot of money to do nothing. Not smart from a budgetary perspective. And not smart from a human perspective. We are saddling people with criminal records — hampering their ability to contribute to society and to our economy. We are imprisoning Native Americans at 250% higher rates. All for using a plant widely used by our presidents, entertainers, writers, industry titans, neighbors, and friends. Prohibition is not freedom. And not smart from the perspective of people who love freedom. Few of us would say we want government to tell …

Seriously: A Community Discussion about Sexual Issues in Politics

This Sunday, Oct. 14, at 2 p.m. Cindy Dyson, candidate for Whitefish House District 5, is hosting a community discussion about sexual issues in politics at the Whitefish Community Center (121 E. Second Street). “As I went door to door the last week or two, I was stunned by the raw and painful emotions people expressed to a complete stranger,” Dyson said. “Some expressed bafflement and spoke about feeling disillusioned with politics and about not even wanting to vote this fall. Some spoke with tears in their eyes about watching the Kavanaugh hearings. I even held one woman’s hand as she talked and cried. “I came home somber. I came home thinking that we need to bring these tearful private conversations together, to talk as a community. So I decided to host a community conversation.” The discussion is open to anyone who cares about the sexual issues involved in politics. It is will be a chance to share, discuss, and …

Yard Sign Challenge

Help get the remaining 25 campaign yards signs up around Whitefish before the absentee ballots go out on Oct. 11. Your challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to find a friend in Whitefish whose willing to put up a Dyson for House District 5 from now until Election Day. Find a yard. Email or call me with the address and resident’s name. Extra Credit: Ask if we can put up an Elinor Swanson for U.S. House yard sign, too. We don’t want to waste any of the awesome yard signs campaign supporters purchased.   Make a difference. Make a change.

Daily Interlake Dyson Interview


Cindy Dyson Age: 51 Party: Libertarian Family: Husband and son, 19 Education: Bachelor’s degree in journalism, University of Missouri, Columbia Occupation: Writer – newspaper reporter, magazine freelancer, author Background: Former foster mother and foster respite care; former board member with Literacy Volunteers of the Flathead; Flathead County Libertarian party chairwoman and Montana Libertarian Party secretary. Q. A slate of budget cuts were made in 2017 to address a $227 million shortfall caused by less than anticipated revenue and an expensive fire season. What should the priorities be in the state budget in the next legislative session? A. First, we should be more careful in the projection model we use to estimate revenues. Montana is not the only state increasingly overestimating revenues and thus crafting budgets that are not credible. We should remove restrictive professional licensing requirements to jump start the job market and legalize recreational cannabis so Montana doesn’t continuing losing revenue, taxes and tourists to our neighboring states. We …

Montana Anti-Shackling

End Shackling for Pregnant Inmates in Labor

Jane Doe gave birth to her baby in a Montana hospital with her left leg shackled to her hospital bed. Even after a nurse questioned Jane’s guard about the necessity of shackling — given that Jane was immobilized with an epidural — she remained shackled through labor and recovery. Montana is one of 26 states that still allows incarcerated women in labor to be shackled to their delivery beds. Montana still has no state requirements for prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care for pregnant incarcerated women and their unborn babies. Meanwhile the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Public Health Association, and the American Medical Association have all decried the practice because it endangers both women and their unborn babies. Even the federal penal system has banned the practice. While female inmates represent a small proportion of those we incarcerate — about 250 a year — they are the fastest growing demographic, according to the Montana ACLU. The overwhelming …

Watch the Great Debate

Watch the one and only debate for the House District 5 race.   Thank you  to the Whitefish Lion’s Club for hosting and Ryder Delaloye for moderating.