Thank You!

A huge thank you to all of you who helped with my campaign. We came in with a respectable 31% of the vote. Not bad for a first-time candidate running with a third party, not to mention having an incumbent opponent who outspent me more than 200 %.

I hope that together we championed the cause of lean, responsible government and personal responsibility and freedom. I hope the campaign focus on criminal justice reform, ranked choice voting, cooperative ecological solutions, and reason-based decision making will have some impact on the way Whitefish citizens think about their relationship to government.

Speaking of which, there are at least two focal points from my campaign that I will be working on during the next session. The first is anti-shackling legislation for incarcerated pregnant women. The second is public outreach about ranked choice voting. I invite anyone interested in being involved with either to contact me.

First, Dave Fern, who will remain the Whitefish area statehouse representative has graciously agreed to considering taking up the anti-shackling legislation this session. I will be offering him my research and expert contacts. I hope to be able to work with him to guide this legislation through the Legislature. Thank you, Dave!

Second, I will be working with others who are interested in exploring ranked choice voting to research and educate Montanans about this system.

Please contact me and subscribe to this blog if you are interested in being involved with either effort.

I intend to use this website to continue these efforts (and possibly bail reform exploration) so all of you who subscribed will be informed about these efforts.

And again THANK YOU ALL!

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