• Criminal Justice Reform

    Overflowing jails and prisons spark the need for massive tax spending on new detention centers. Vulnerable young people waste their youth behind bars. Children flood our foster care system as young women become the fast-growing prison population. WE CAN CHANGE THIS.

  • Environmental Collaboration

    Outdated laws and regulations pit our desires to conserve and protect our lands, water, and wildlife against desires to use our resources for development and recreation. The system encourages derision and legal combat. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO REMAIN THIS WAY.

  • Ethical Elections

    An imbalance of power among special interest groups, parties, and individual candidates is rotting our election processes from the inside out, fostering apathy, and miring progress. ENOUGH.


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why libertarian

It was Ron Paul who led me to first explore then embrace Libertarian political principles. I can pinpoint the exact moment this exploration began. My husband, son, and I were watching one of the Republican Presidential debates in 2011. This is the moment.

  • Mechanic

    Live & Let Live

    Government should not act as a stick or a carrot in our lives. As long as we aren’t hurting others, we should be free to live as we want.

  • Oil


    Reason…not fear, not tribalism, not feelings, not egotism… is the path toward the best decision making.

  • Exhaust Pipe


    We don’t make decisions based on perceived outcomes, but based on fundamental rights.

  • Wheel Alignment

    Radical Compassion

    Radical compassion means actually believing that others are as capable and deserving of self-determination as you are.

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