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Mother, writer, literacy activist, former foster parent…

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I may be the only candidate on your ballot this November who moved to Montana for the WARM weather!

I grew up in Alaska, where my father was in state politics for two decades. I did not mean to move to Montana. My then-boyfriend-now-husband and I were driving across country from update New York, where I’d worked as a newspaper reporter, back to Alaska, when we stopped by Kalispell to visit his brother. One thing led to another, and we decided to stay a couple of years to explore the Northwest.

That was 22 years ago. Today, I would not trade our gem of the Flathead Valley even for a tropical paradise.


Although working as a writer is not the most common precursor to political office, I believe reporting and writing has honed some perhaps rare and needed skills in state government.

First, research. My daily newspaper work and my magazine work is all about research, knowing how to find credible sources, how to ask the right questions, and how to dig for the right answers. Second, listening. To write honestly, you must understand a subject, and to understand a subject, you must understand people. Understanding goes beyond listening to being able to almost inhabit another’s perspectives, fears and desires. Third, I am able to look at a problem through different lenses, which I believe is how innovation solutions are born.


I have a small family — just my husband, Mark, and son, Simon. Being a mother has been the most satisfying and challenging experience of my life thus far. And I believe it has informed my character and goals more than any other experience.

Being a mother has built in me a desire to join the quest to make Whitefish, Montana, the United States, and the world a place of progress and peace, where each of us and our children has the optimal opportunity to flourish.

I know. I sounds sappy. But sappy is often also true.


My passion for political action probably comes from the gap between my intolerance of bad ideas, bad intentions, infighting, personal aggrandizement, and my vision for maximizing individual liberty, efficiency, and progress.


Ron Paul led me to Libertarian political principles.

As a novelist, I’ve learned to not just listen to diverse people, but to inhabit their viewpoints.

As a literacy activist, I’m the collaborator and webmaster for Detroit Little Libraries’ founder. We’ve made Detroit the fastest growing little library city in the country and installed libraries at every Detroit public school.

Foster Parenting
As a foster mom and respite care foster provider, I learned patience, at least some. I understand the crisis in our foster system and how it is impacting our future.
As a newspaper reporter and magazine writer, I’ve honed my research skills and know how to develop a network of expert sources to tackle problems.
As a mother and wife, I value family and will bring these values to Helena.