THE ISSUES: Don’t believe what you’ve been told. We can make progress.


  • Criminal Justice Reform

    Overflowing jails and prisons spark the need for massive tax spending on new detention centers. Vulnerable young people waste their youth behind bars. Children flood our foster care system as young women become the fast-growing prison population. WE CAN CHANGE THIS.

  • Environmental Collaboration

    Outdated laws and regulations pit our desires to conserve and protect our lands, water, and wildlife against desires to use our resources for development and recreation. The system encourages derision and legal combat. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO REMAIN THIS WAY.

  • Ethical Elections

    An imbalance of power between special interest groups and individual candidates is rotting our election processes from the inside out, fostering apathy, and limiting progress. ENOUGH.

“But,” you ask, “how do we make these changes?”“Thoughtful strategy,” I answer.

Thorough research

Gather allies

Listen to opposing viewpoints

Crowd source solutions

Prepare legislation

Hit Helena ready to go.


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